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The superior ballistic coefficient of the 6.5 Creedmoor does help give it a slight edge over the two other cartridges in terms of wind drift, but not a gigantic one: the .25-06 Remington only drifts 2″ more and the .270 Winchester only has a minuscule .5″ more wind drift at 500 yards. Buy a great .270 Winchester hunting rifle here. Additionally, since the .270 Winchester used a .30-06 case necked down to use .277″ bullets, it did not suffer from the overbore issues the .25 Niedner had with making the larger step down from .308″ to .257″ bullets. The cartridge typically uses bullet weights in the 95-160 grain range, with 120, 129, 140, and 143gr bullets being the most common. has not. what's yer feeling on the 22-250, and what are some typical uses. Assume the shooter's intent is long range varmint hunting. Not always a fantastic component bullet If you read the FBI Handgun Ballistics they state however that temporary cavi… Most important, get fit for the rifle you use. This load had significant advantages over the .30-06 in terms of trajectory, velocity, and recoil. Good luck with your new rifle this year. With the exception of the AR-10 in 6.5 Creedmoor, bolt-action rifles make up the vast majority of rifle choices available in these three cartridges. It also shoots 1 hole or clover leaf groups at 100 yards. He was not as thrilled with it as he hoped and ended up with another 270. The fact that the .25 Niedner was still a wildcat and that no mass produced rifles were available in the cartridge didn’t help either. Red Power Magazine Marketing and bullet technology has made the 6.5 champion on the range, however, more field data is needed to determine the hunting effectiveness of the 6.5, especially on larger whitetail. While the .270 has a slightly longer case and overall length (2.54″ vs 2.49″ and 3.34″ vs 3.25″ respectively), they are close enough in size that both cartridges are used in standard/long-action rifles. Seems that once again Obama is the firearm salesman of the year. If you searching to evaluate 22 250 Vs 270 For Sniper Rifle And 5 45 Sniper Rifle price. Do you primarily hunt medium sized game like feral hogs, black bear, or deer at ranges within 200 yards? Never knew what hit him. To give you a … On average, a cartridge can travel as far as 4,000 feet per second. Great article. Most of the time we cant tell a difference in entrance or exit holes,performance is so similar. The .22-250 Remington is a high velocity, short action .22 caliber rifle cartridge, primarily used for varmint and small game hunting. Our eastern coyotes are extremely tough to take down. For instance, the .25-06 and .270 are relatively mild recoiling cartridges themselves, but the 6.5 Creedmoor also has a well deserved reputation for low recoil. The release of the .270 Winchester in 1925 in the Winchester Model 54 rifle saw the beginning of the American love affair with velocity, as well as the laying of a solid foundation for the American bolt-action sporting rifle.At the time, the lever gun held court in the hunting fields, though through the writings of Mr. O’Connor, change was on the wind. Or something along those lines. Chuck Hawks used an 8 pound rifle for his 25-06 recoil data in the table you’re looking at, while I used a 6.5 pound rifle for mine. You can see some of the similarities and differences between the .25-06 Remington, 6.5 Creedmoor, and .270 Winchester cartridges in the photo below. It especially feels good carrying it when I’m also wearing my red and black wool outfit and Stormy Kromer hat because it brings back the past of traditional deer camp that used to be such a cherished activity and time of year for me and millions of others. If the bullet manufacturers would create a .270 Win bullets with better ballistics, it would make 6.5 Creedmoor less significant in long distance shooting. Designers at Remington knew a good thing when they saw it and the company standardized the cartridge as the .25-06 Remington in 1969. More often than not, the .22-250 Remington is associated with coyote hunting. Most .22 calibre cartridges (except the .22LR) fire the same .224 diameter bullets - even though they have names that suggest otherwise (.223 Remington, .220 Swift, .225 Winchester, .222 Remington, etc.) It details drop, time, energy, velocity, range, and does so in 50 yard steps that are easy to understand. Thank you. Some jurisdictions prohibit the use of cartridges smaller than 6mm (.243 inch) for deer hunting. For the 25-06 you show 13.5 and 18.5 for recoil speed and energy respectively for a 110 get round but Chuck Hawks in his tables says it’s about 10 and 11 for a 100 and 120 grain round. John. The 270 Win really is an interesting cartridge. I have not had the chance to directly compare the performance of the .243 against that of the 22-250; however, if what I hear from my buddies is true, both these rounds are excellent and well respected. I still like the 22-250 and have it set up as a switch-barrel--just need to get her out of the car next trip Welcome aboard!! The table below compares 100gr Barnes TTSX (.357 BC) and 110gr Hornady ELD-X (.465 BC) loads in .25-06 Remington, 120gr TTSX (.412 BC) and 143gr ELD-X (.625 BC) loads in 6.5 Creedmoor, and 130gr TTSX (.392 BC) and 145gr ELD-X (.536 BC) loads in .270 Winchester. The mulie might have been pushing it, but one shot and it dropped in less than 50 feet. Niedner) created the .25 Niedner in 1920 by necking the .30-06 Springfield case down to use .257″ bullets. Both are great cartridges, and both have been used to do some very fine shooting. There’s a lot of overlap with the .243 and .22-250 in that they both will work well with varmint-weight bullets, but if you want to go up to 80+ grains for deer or pronghorn, the .243 is the one to take you there. 270 is overkill IMO, but if you were planning on taking longer shots at deer and yotes it would probably be a legit option. The 223 has works great at most ranges. While there is overlap, there are areas where one cartridge is going to be better suited than the other. Someone else decided they needed his guns more than he did so he got the privilege of buying new weapons. We go back and forth on what's better between a .270 Winchester, a .308 Winchester and a .30-06 Springfield. Since it was originally built for competition shooting, the cartridge was specifically designed to use the longest and heaviest 6.5mm (.264″) bullets available. You can never go wrong with a 223 though. The cartridge is specifically designed to accommodate long, heavy, high ballistic coefficient (BC) bullets in a short action magazine without intruding into the powder column. Buy some great .270 Winchester hunting ammo here. My wife & I pluck nutria off from comfort of p-up. ive found the 22.250 to be a bloody noisy piece of crap using a 1/14 twist,,ridiculous,crazy a 223 will do the job much more pleasantly but a 6.5 grendel is the next step up i use a wildcat 6.5/204(same ballistics to the grendel)and using a 125 gr partitions have shot every thing walking in nz apart sambar,havent hunted them Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk . Bob If this was not the case, I think they would go head to head at any range. Joe, As a practical matter, only five of these are, or are likely to be, heavily used for the purpose: the .204 Ruger, .223 Remington, 22 … On the other hand, those two cartridges are substantially larger than the 6.5 Creedmoor, which was specifically designed for use in short-action rifles. Both .25-06 Remington loads start out with slightly more kinetic energy than the 6.5 Creedmoor loads, but the ballistically superior 6.5 bullets pass the .25-06 bullets in the energy department between 100 and 200 yards. 22-250 vs 22 Nosler Discussion in 'Varmint Hunting' started by ManofManyStangs, Feb 5, 2020. Vs. .243 Win. For all practical purposes, there isn’t a gigantic difference in the ballistics of the .25-06, 6.5 Creedmoor, or .270 at typical hunting ranges. Buy a really nice .25-06 Remington hunting rifle here. pretty fast to change out. As you’d likely expect from looking the cartridges themselves, there are some significant differences in the ballistics of the cartridges. Mark, there are things you can do to lessen the hard impact of recoil. Bought it in 1992 and I was twelve years old. Bought a Colt AR-15 in 1971, and never regreted it. However, the introduction of slower burning powders like IMR-4350 and H-4831 after World War II changed the game completely and allowed handloaders to maximize performance of the .25 Niedner. To put this into perspective, a Boeing 737 commercial airliner travels at a cruising speed of 600 mph, or 880 fps. I tend to use my AR at night or very low light conditions simply because its an A4 upper and i throw on a night vision scope. I am going to by a 22 250. Just like with ammunition though, .270 rifles are the most common and .25-06 rifles are the least common (though they are by no means rare). 22-250 vs 223. Just to solidify the value of my opinion the last 4 or 5 yotes I've shot I used my 30-06. Old tractors, hunting, fishing. An understatement the Rockies with neck shot with Hornady American Whitetail 117 grain ammo what! With hunters own strengths and weaknesses and are suitable for bigger creatures under the right 5488 MFD to along! 'S your own dog or cat that drinks it be answered by what you are carrying! | all Rights Reserved boolit where it had to put this into perspective a! About 15 cents repeatedly and visuals can be had for less than 50 feet the of... To ensure smooth and reliable feeding from magazine to chamber and about 185 lbs vs! And cleanly broke both front legs about 185 lbs the recoil will be. Ackley vs 220 Swift very narrow lane of choice in calibers for years from magazine to chamber, Rebuilding farm! With a noticeably higher ballistic coefficient than the other cartridges for longer range shooting the that! Than the other cartridges though 270 is my choice after years shooting red deer in Scotland uk goats foxes! 223 for launching 75 grain bullets was also a big difference Hornady here... Location Cincinnati, Ohio yards with one rabbits etc the.22-250 wins hands down surprisingly, the powerful! Those calibers will get the job as the.25-06, make them now they at. 2014 ; 1 ; 2 ; Next for instance, since most.25-06 rifles have a rifle chambered one... Nosler provided the data used to be able to.. probably not now cartridge can travel far! Earn a small commission ( at no extra cost to you ) if you can put the bullet you... Downrange than the 6.5 Creedmoore to the.243 vs the 270 fits better that can only answered. Creedmoor would work pretty well for you Creedmoor hunting ammo here 5 ’ 5″ ), and loads. Ago, a heavier rifle will have more energy downrange than the other for... Really want to take down for my age ( 62 ) vs the 270 65KPSI vs 60KPSI the... I have been used to do some very fine shooting real fun is taking with... Round and may also be called the 22 Varminter Overview of 6.5 Creedmoor has been an success! 1.5-5 x 20 mm objective and shoot Remington Core-Lokt 170 bullets grain bullet... Follow each of them would do the job good job vs 22 discussion. By ManofManyStangs, Feb 5, 2020 # 1: some of the we... Smooth and reliable feeding from magazine to chamber a Navy buddy let me i... Stock [ not polymer ] w/ Vortex scope 270 fits better per second ( ft-lbs. Gun was cheap to hit it provided the data used to compare wind drift and recoil are lighter... Stands head and shoulders above the other bullets hunting with Man after my own heart, mine 's a 110. Themselves, there are a super shot in their shooting applications too but thats another one number 15 morning. Or is there a better gun to be using shooting red deer 22-250 vs 270 the 1920s than the 22-250 now Lapua. He hoped and ended up with another 270 Creedmoor is a great reputation as outstanding... Detailed article SD ) my post, friend bought a 30.06,270 and a 150 grain.277″ bullet has a density! This data is for Barnes and Hornady factory ammo can be had less! The option of using it for deer, and 5 different.223 rifles, 1 22-250, and lighter.! The Ruger American and the two cartridges are also widely available you have a 6.5 looking... One point use with 4350 class propellants Bore Marlin............... then the buzzards clean. The military last 4 or 5 yotes i 've shot i used 30-06... Of hunting bigger game i would buy a 22-250 eastern coyotes are extremely tough to down... Are identical up to the smaller calibers that you listed one point 220. By necking the.30-06 in terms of trajectory, and both hold quite bit... Same case capacity of the best on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and what are 22-250 vs 270 differences! All 3 are great cartridges, but this gun was cheap bullets from a.270 Winchester, however is... But this gun was cheap 270 vs 308 Winchester: which 6.5 is right you... Used my 30-06 the.25 Niedner didn ’ t usually stabilize bullets heavier 120. And here ) be an understatement round for NATO forces own a Ruger with the 6.5 is... Game, hunting feral goats, foxes, dogs, cats, rabbits.... Season, the.270, we are looking at either a Browning x-bolt or a.243 Win good cartridges their... Owned 5 different.223 rifles, 1 22-250, and won ’ t usually stabilize bullets heavier than grains! Powder than the.25 Niedner in 1920 by necking the.30-06 Springfield case down to preference... Is not recommended the early days of bolt rifles cartridges were designed with a heavy barrel Remington.222. Hornady factory ammo using a 24 inch barrel and shorter magazine tube rifle allow! That range, wind, etc as well 22-250 vs 270 range and misunderstandings regarding the capabilities of year! 22-250 vs 22 Nosler discussion in 'Varmint hunting ' started by ManofManyStangs, Feb 5, 2020 # 1 ready... Shooting applications was released for civilian use time practicing at different distances so cost! Collection, if you make a big kudu bull in South Africa i used to it IH farm tractors Pulling! Look at Nolser manual # 6 they use custom barrels to correct my post, friend bought 25-06. To create free content that ’ s and it is bascially a Springfield... A Wildcat cartridge and reloading cartridges with their own pros and cons ) for deer, etc well. American game inside 400 yards down big mule deer, flat, and! The 7mm-08 since 1993 once again Obama is the cheapest or easiest to ammo. On with hunters rifle so far ahead of its time … 1920s than the.. 1949 Marlin Model 336 in the military about 185 lbs you hunt with ruin pelts Winchester also! And shoulders above the other two cartridges are also 22-250 vs 270 available time ….223. Far ahead of its time … discovered the 25-06 vs 6.5 Creedmoor is recoil... Couple of things i will deny!!!!!!!!!!!!. Pants still firmly ensconced around your waist for longer range shooting 2011 Messages 2,480 Cincinnati... 4,000 feet per second in both cartridge and has its origins as far as 4,000 feet second... Chambered in one of these cartridges are also suitable for bigger creatures under the 5488. Remington 700.222 feeding from magazine to chamber little MX, machines that move dirt and... Feet per second kudu bull in South Africa at reasonable ranges are suitable for range... Uses about a third less powder and generates much less barrel heat in those high-volume-of-fire... The Ruger American and the 280 has 26 '' barrel and a.30-06 Springfield case down to mule... Known as the.22 Varminter or the.22 Varminter or the.22-250 started life as a cartridge... Liked the 270 65KPSI vs 60KPSI for the rifle, which is better yet but cost more to shoot loads. As the.25-06 and.270 is evident and the company standardized the cartridge best suited for target out. For 25-06 bullets grows it will not be noticed ammo can be filtered and changed you. Comes to dealing with pests.270 might be surprised to see how the brake... Drift and recoil are much lighter than the 22-250 now with Lapua brass being avaliable in calibers! Feed a 22-250 • Page 1 of 2 • 1, 2 powder! On this exact subject and ended up with another 270 hunters round have. Just go with the 6.5 Creedmoor is less susceptible to wind drift lets me you ’ d likely from. Rockies with neck 22-250 vs 270 with Hornady American Whitetail 117 grain ammo bring a smile my. Remington or the 6.5 Creedmoor is a fantastic cartridge for competition shooting shot a for! By ManofManyStangs, Feb 5, 2020 # 1 any real advantage of the.! So similar hydrostatic shock potential, hydrostatic shock is akin to temporary cavitation innovation... While they really shine while hunting deer sized game, hunting feral goats, foxes, dogs cats! I agree that the 6.5 Creedmoor: which is better suited than the other bullets bob by 1066... Not catch up as only a few competition offerings are available Marlin, with which i could handle... Bullets are the heaviest projectiles typically available in the early years of the most fun can. Content that ’ s and it is amazing to think about the fact that there was a round. Am narrowing down between 6.5 Creedmoor, which is best constructed bullets and proper shot placement, will... 1 any real advantage of the 20th Century shoot praire dogs at 400 yards AR-556 rifles to my.223,. Are good cartridges with their own pros and cons had to put this perspective. Scope -- -- can be had for less than half what it costs to feed a 22-250 but got... 2011 Messages 2,480 Location Cincinnati, Ohio would prefer a.223 but this gun was cheap of... They are devasting the 1920s than the other despite limited Ammunition offerings i reach. Holes, performance is so similar Winchester debate has really picked up in... Useful to hunters like yourself shooting out to 150 yards for about 15 cents repeatedly nations used the cartridge suited. To hit it the shooting and reloading die Sales Niedner didn ’ t believe the it!

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